Successful Graduates of The Bread Project are:

  • Prepared for entry level positions within the food service sector
  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn and to be coached about life skills as well as baking/cooking skills
  • Show up on time, are prepared for class, and are accountable for their actions
  • Understand that attitude counts—in a big way
  • Know that being teachable is the number one asset for success
  • Certified for Safe Food Handling under ServSafe

The Bread Project has helped many individuals with limited resources overcome their barriers to employment and work towards self-sufficiency. Our graduates are enabled to support their families and help build thriving communities. Since the start of the Great Recession our graduates have earned an estimated $13.3 Million. 


In the Past Two Years, The Bread Project:

  • Established a new training program option: our Three-Week Intensive Bakery Bootcamp.
  • Provided 294 individuals with skills instruction, on-the-job training and job assistance.
  • Graduated 280 from our training programs.
  • Helped 210 graduates find jobs.
  • Decreased the average days it takes for graduates to find a job by 46%. 

Program Measures & Outcomes

 Fiscal Year (FY): July 1 - June 30 




Graduation Rate




Employment Rate




Job Retention Rate (at 90 days)




 Average # of Days to Find Job  




Results as of: 3/1/16 for FY2015 (unless otherwise indicated); 12/31/15 for FY2014; and 12/31/14 for FY2013.

For any given fiscal  year, complete outcome data is not available until 18 months after that fiscal year ends.